Statement of Financial Need

In 2009 there was a terrible break in at my brother and sister in laws house. My sister in law, just home from the hospital with a new baby, refused to live there any longer. At that point in my life I was managing night clubs and stepped up to help my brother not lose his house. Through many years and many different jobs I have always worked hard to keep this house. Unfortunately some jobs pay better than other and I have had to go back to work being a Doorman at two bars, working 45+ hours a week, and recently pick up extra side work moving concrete for a local landscaping company. It has afforded me to pay the mortgage and the bills, but very little else. What that does mean though is that I get to practice my health coaching skills on some of the toughest people to crack. I have had some wild success. Even to the point of a manager telling me to go easy on customers because they drink less after I talk to them. And moving concrete is a good workout! After putting 9 years of my life into his house, I’m proud to announce that this year I will finally get to put it in my name. Three months ago an old friend asked if he could move in with me and help him to change his lifestyle as he had seen the dramatic change in my life. Mission accepted! Life is getting better every day, hard work is paying off and good things are happening. It is time to get back in school, and put all I have learned to good use.

Some of the things I could not afford in the past years are things like health care. Fortunately for me as I lost 200lbs I got healthier. And even though access to a doctor would have helped, it just forced me to learn more about my body. As a result I was penalized on my taxes and was told I had to pay more of what I already could not afford. Some months were hard, no landscaping, no roommates, hours at work fluctuated and I had a hard time keeping up with the bills. For that reason the Health Insurance Marketplace gave me a hardship exemption and I no longer owe the money. Even when things look bad they can have a good outcome.

With the extra money from a new roommate, I feel very confident that I could afford 323.50 per month in tuition with my current jobs and have time to complete the coursework and pass all certification requirements within 18 months of the course start date.

Attached are bank statement, paycheck stubs, 2017 federal taxes and my Health Insurance Marketplace exemption letter. I am working hard for a better future for myself and others.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jonnie Arthur