Letter of Presentation

My name is Jonnie M. Arthur. I have lost half my body weight, 200lbs and counting and I need to help change the world. Let me tell you how I got here.

I was born in the late 1970s. I was raised with the food pyramid, like all children in the 80s. “Eat your carbs” we were told by coaches and mentors, friends and family. Cola-cola and McDonalds became staples of life. And I learned how to perfect the ultimate spaghetti dinner for the family. I grew up an athlete but no matter how hard we played, the weight kept climbing. Behavior issues, skin problems and irritable bowels plagued my schools years. My father was overweight, also former athlete, drank and worked hard for his family. Myocardial infarction and prostate cancer at age 54. My mother, diagnosed diabetic, has been given insulin for 30 years. As my weight got higher I used to joke that I’d be lucky to reach my 50s. I just wasn’t given the right genetics and men in my family die early. As I reached my mid 30s, with all the trials and tribulations of life, I advance past 400lbs and feel that I am on the verge of death.

With a force of will and a hard working can do attitude, I lost 200lbs and found love and joy in life again. What I lost in weight I gained in knowledge. I now know that with a combination of bad politics, corrupt corporations and shady scientists, how government policies like the food pyramid came to exist. I learned the process of glycogen depletion of the muscles, and why we were told to “carb up”. The reality of that was how I was the only thing I was driving up was my insulin levels. Antibiotics and a poor diet ruined my skin micro flora, decimated my gut microbiota and left my brain starved of vital neuro chemicals. I now know I am not cursed to die at a young age. The epigenetics and gene expression I was born with can and will continue to change.

The paradigm is shifting and I want to be on the front line to help those who want to start their own journey in life and bring light into their lives with the knowledge I used to reverse my own metabolic disease. It may have been too late for my father, but there is so many more that need help. I will be dedicated to this scholarship and program. I have a plan that includes working for a company like California Center for Function Medicine, Virta Health or Dr, Fung’s IDM program after graduation. Gaining real life experience and building a base of knowledge to grow my own business and to help the community around me. I will prove myself that I can do this and that I am ready to hit the next level in my life.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Jonnie Michael Arthur Jr.