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Jeremy Matosian once 460lbs and now 230lbs

Welcome to launch of our website!


My name is Jeremy, and I invite you to take part in an experiment.

Imagine if you could be the healthiest version of yourself.  You no longer were tired, or suffered from mental fatigue.  Pain and sickness were a passing brief problem, not an everyday one.

You didn't have to take any prescription medications, and your doctor didn't know you by name personally.

Imagine a world where you only exercised because it's fun, not because you forced yourself to do it begrudgingly.  Think about pounds of weight just falling off of you with minimal effort.

Imagine a mental clarity so sharp that the regular stresses of life didn't get the best of you.

This all sounds make believe, but I urge you to hold onto the feeling you got when you were thinking about these images.

All of it can easily be yours, and so much more.

We plan on changing as many lives as we can.

I invite you to take part in an experiment.

The start is here, you have little to lose, and your health to gain.

400, and Life to go.


Mike Arthur once 420lbs and now 220lbs